The year of 1986 was a great one for the country of Venezuela, this was the year that Norka Luque was born. The country known as Venezuela actually happens to be in South America, which is a fact that is surprisingly not known to many. Almost everyone who has stepped foot into the music industry… Read Article →

Businesses and prominent individuals have to follow the Golden Rule of “Treat others as you want to be treated,” which is succinct, short, and powerful. It is a rule that is taught to people from the young age, and it has a place in our personal lives. However, the world of business tends to ignore… Read Article →

Sooner or later the summer will come to an end and many children will have to go back to school. Wengie knows that school is a bummer but it is a necessary thing. So, Wengie offers these wonderful hacks to make the school year as fun as possible. Taking Better Notes Taking notes is a… Read Article →

Talk Fusion has grown into a revered market leader in video content provision and marketing solutions. The company is currently ranked as the 7th biggest video content provider globally. This is by no means a small feat for a company that came late into the market and immediately started making headway by competing with other… Read Article →

Redbook reveals an article with the celebrity Lauren Conrad giving advice about party planning. Ms. Conrad goes into the deals about planning a party with less stress involved, which leaves more time to enjoy the festivities for the summer event. In New York there is an event planning party that already uses many of Ms…. Read Article →

Have Dry Or Chaffed Lips? Then get some lip balm. Think of lip balm as like lotion for your lips. Your lips are exposed to all the elements you encounter everyday. This can include the sun, the heat, the cold, the wind, pollution and even dry or damp air. Slather on some lip balm to… Read Article →

For Andy Wirth, CEO of the famous Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC, this year is nothing short of spectacular. First, he is delighted to have won the legal battle against efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley. Secondly, the early Winter storm is also attracting back visitors in record numbers. Since the last three to four years,… Read Article →

Brian Bonar is a prominent executive who serves as Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. Cambridge’s Who’s Who just gave him the distinction of being its Finance “Executive of the Year.” The organization selects the individuals who receive this distinction by assessing their leadership skills and academic and professional attainments. Brian Bonar has… Read Article →

Madison Street Capital is a renowned investment company based in Chicago, IL. It began offering financial services several years ago and every year, the company releases performance reports. Madison Street Capital recently released its fourth edition report. The report focused on how the company’s past financial year was filled with eventful activities. The report also… Read Article →

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