Bob Reina Changing Lives through Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is a respected businessman and a great philanthropist in the US. He has shown tremendous commitment to elevating lives of disadvantaged people in society.

He is passionate about improving people lives and helping them realize their career goals. Bob has managed to accomplish his goals through talk fusion as well as many Independent Associated found in over 140 nations globally.

Reina was the biggest donor to human society of Tampa Bay since he donated $1million. This was the largest amount the organization has ever received from an individual.

His generosity has also been felt by Indonesian orphanage as he supports them financially. He is extremely passionate about animals as he supports various initiatives in saving many animals.

Besides, as the owner of Talk Fusion, he instructs all independent associates to support any charitable program they prefer. This charity program is under Bobs Custom Monthly Plan.

This is a free charity account that allows people to access video emails, live meetings, video chats, and newsletters among others from the Talk Fusion video marketing department.

Bob has spent several years carrying out research on ways he can positively impact the society creating access to Talk Fusion marketing video products.

He believes that by doing this, nonprofit organizations will be able to offer effective services to a larger population that is in need.

When Bob started talk fusion, his dream was to see empowered charities that can lift up the living standards of poor and underprivileged members of society. He believes that he has achieved it since his associates continue narrating success stories to him.

About Bob Reina

With his success and great personality, you won’t believe that Bob once worked with the police force. He has great conversational skills since he easily strikes business relationships with other people. Besides, he handles his work with great enthusiasm. He is highly focused on achieving great results regardless of the challenges.

Bob is the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. He is responsible for developing and growing this company to become a world-class provider of video marketing products.

Bob applies his phenomenon innovative skills to create these video products with the aim of helping people improve their lives. To demonstrate his passion for animals, Bob takes one of his pets to the office.

Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain Water Dilemma

The famed Squaw Valley Ski Resort issued a statement on December 1, 2016, regarding its report on November 8 of a potential health issue to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District, which was discovered during routine scheduled testing of the four wells that supply water to the region. The resort had also immediately consulted with leading independent and qualified water safety experts to make sure that the water was returned to its usual high quality as quickly as possible.


The Resort assured their skiers that regular water usage at Gold Coast and High Camp would not occur until the water is deemed safe by health officials and the experts. The guests will have full and normal access to the facilities, skiers will not be allowed to drink water but will be given free bottled water to remain hydrated during skiing activities, and restaurants will remain closed until the issue is fully resolved. At no time was contaminated water available to the public, and no health issues have been reported.


The problem is that in October 2016, several water systems in Placer County, California were affected by an exceptionally heavy rain storm that pushed more storm water than usual into four groundwater wells serving the Upper Mountain. That inundated an upgraded water system which was installed over the summer at Gold Coast and High Camp, resulting in a contamination of quickly spotted levels of E.Coli and Coliform. Water quality checks by Squaw Valley itself had previously acknowledged the presence of the two bacteria, and the water was not allowed to the visitors of the resort.


As of January 26, 2017, it was reported that the water had been treated consistently, kept improving, and that by the end of November 2016, the quality of the water in three out of the four wells that serve the upper mountain had been restored to a proper evel with no E.Coli found and Coliform had been reduced to allowed trace levels. In spite of those positive results, the drinking water in the Upper Mountain region will not be restored until the time when all the wells have returned to the original accepted quality levels.


Oncotarget: Improving the Field of Science a Paper at a Time

Oncotarget is a medical journal that features papers on oncology. It was started in 2010. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals. Oncology is the study of cancer and its causes, treatment, and prevention. Oncotarget accepts papers in other related fields such as cardiology, cell biology, neuroscience, and endocrinology although it started out by accepting papers on oncology only. The editors-in-chief of the journal include Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny who work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Gudkov studied at the National Cancer Center and Moscow State University where he graduated with degrees in Experimental Oncology and Molecular Biology respectively. He is the senior vice president for basic research at the cancer institute besides being a professor.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology at the Institute and has written close to 300 peer-reviewed articles. He has served as the editor-in-chief of Cell Cycle in addition to being an associated editor of PLOS ONE, Autophagy, Cell Death, and Differentiation. The members of the editorial board of Oncotarget are renowned researchers and experts. They have won notable awards such as the Breakthrough Prize and the Lasker Prize. The editorial board ensures that Oncotarget retains its high level of quality. Oncotarget has been in the highest rank that a journal can have on the list compiled by Scopus since 2011. They have been in the Q1 in the Medicine and Oncology categories which cement the journal’s position as one of the best in the world.

The journal was ranked first by Total Documents among all journals in Oncology in 2015. Oncotarget has one of the highest impact factors of all medical journals and has had an average of 5.4 since it was started. Oncotarget has spread its reach to more than 10,000 cities from 500 in the first year. Oncotarget helps to make scientific research widely available to anyone from around the world. The journal is published weekly so as to maximize the impact of research by making it available promptly. Oncotarget has allowed researchers from different specialties to collaborate and work together to come up with groundbreaking research.

Josh Verne: Prospering in Life and Enterprise

When we come to the realization that we are the ones that limit ourselves in life, we will be able to prosper. In life, as in management, there are two types of managers. The boss is all about getting the job done and so he is authoritative and difficult. Leaders on the other hand are not so bottom down in their approach. At the end of the day, leaders rather than bosses get the job done.


Look for a Win-Win


A win for yourself should also be a win for your client and your employees. You should not settle for conditions that are hurting to your business and your life. This way of thinking programs you to always look for the best solutions to life problems.


Listening to Others More


Listen skills are a rare thing among leaders or people in positions of authority. It takes a lot of maturity to be able, as a leader, to pay attention to what those who follow you are suggesting or encouraging. When you learn to speak less, your words will have more authority when you finally get to say something.




Moderation in life and in business ensures a good balance. If you overdo one thing the other suffers. For instance if you over indulge office work, your personal and social life begins to suffer.


Your Passion


When you find out what it is in your life that you are passionate about, you will be able to sore higher in life and in business. That which excites you to action will propel you to success in all areas of your life. Find out the thing that you love doing and you will find success and happiness.


Josh Verne


In 2012, was started by Josh, Paul Dumas and Jon Dorfiman. Today, Josh is CEO at Flocku is used by students as a platform to read, watch and share things.


Before teaming up with his colleagues to start, Josh Verne was Home Line Furniture’s co- president. Today, owing to his expertise on how to grow and develop enterprises, Josh is widely sort by business minded folk to provide pointers on how to start and grow an enterprise. He advices balance in all areas of life.

Freedompop Review Explains About Service For People On Budget

No one wants to pay $50 to $100 or more for cell phone service. Add in the cost of internet and you are looking at almost $200 per month for one phone and internet. This is outrageous and high. There are alternatives to this high cost. You can get cell service and internet service for a fraction of that cost. You may even be able to get it for free so why not try. Go to and check out the Freedompop way.


Massive amounts of money are wasted every month, on unnecessary costs, for cell phone and internet service. Teenagers are usually the only ones to use all of the data that is available when a plan is purchased. Facebookers and other Tweeters may also use a lot of data. They can get the same data opportunity with Freedompop as they can with most of the competition. The great thing about Freedom Pop is the free service possibility. This helps people that live on a budget have the ability to have cell service and check their emails without paying a fortune each month.


The Freedompop Review that PT Money released in 2016 gives everyone a peek into the wonderful workings of the Freedompop program. Freedompop offers customers a chance to purchase a fantastic phone from their selection. There are phones like the Blackberries, The Apples, The Samsung, Motorola, and Google. The tablets are also represented on the page for purchase. Each phone purchased will have the capability to use Sprints towers so a customer can access 4G LTE service. Great coverage and free shipping is also available.


Freedompop also offers customers great customer service. Any issues will be handled professionally. The questions are all important and will be answered by knowledgeable staff. Each phone has a money back guarantee. There are discounts for students, employees, and military. Anyone will love the no charge, monthly service they can receive. The 100% free cell service gives people on a budget the ability to have phone service at their fingertips. The website is easy to use and very comfortable to navigate for most.

The rise of DAMAC as a Middle East Property Development Giant

Hussain Sajwani is the founder, chief executive officer and chairman of DAMAC properties, an international property development company. He was among the first entrepreneurs who enabled the expansion of property in Dubai. During the 1990s, he was engaged in the construction of hotels to accommodate a large number of people who had come to the Emirates on business matters. It was in 2002 that he decided to establish DAMAC group, considering that the region was increasingly becoming a major tourist destination center. The company is currently among the largest property development companies in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani is a serial entrepreneur and was involved in many other businesses before he established the property development company.


In the early 90s, during the first Iraq war, his firm offered catering services to the United States army. Mr. Sajwani said that they served Americans in various parts of the world including Bosnia and Somalia. DAMAC is still involved in the food business and acts as a reminder of Hussain Sajwani’s business skills and the ability to form long-term trading partners. He has strong ties with the current U.S president Donald Trump. The two have been involved in various business deals in the past. They participated in the development of the Trump International Golf Club, where luxury villas have made around $2 billion in sales.


Questions have been raised over the possible conflicts of interest, considering Trump has business interests in the Middle East. Mr. Trump said that he would not be making any business deals while in office. Hussain Sajwani claimed that DAMAC group also has ties with Trump’s daughter Ivanka and sons Donald Trump Jnr and Eric. The three are very much involved in not only expanding their family business but also their relationship with the Sajwani family. In September 2013, DAMAC properties donated AED two million to support a campaign aimed at clothing a million poor kids around the globe. Hussain Sajwani handed over the cheque as a show of support to the Dubai government in its efforts to help the poor peoples of the world. The donation will contribute to clothing around 50,000 children. Mr. Sajwani said that the kids are the future of the society, so they need an environment where they can prosper.

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Understanding the Nature of Sajwani and Donald Trump’s Friendship

Hussain Sajwani is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Chairman of DAMAC Group. Prior to Trump’s election, Sajwani was only known as a very successful Muslim businessman based in Dubai. However, in the recent past he has come to be greatly associated with Trump. I know you are probably wondering how, when Trump had sworn to ban all Muslim immigration in the country. Apparently he had a change of heart and is now even making friends with them.


In the year 2014, Trump took a flight en route Dubai where he was to spend time and have a series of business meetings with Sajwani. Together they were building a mega construction of about 42 million square foot. The development is to have mansions and apartments and will even include the biggest and the most technologically advanced golf course in the area.


When Trump won the elections, he invited Sajwani, among other paying guests, to come celebrate with him at the Mar-a-Lago resort. During his speech, he mentioned Sajwani as his friend and how they plan on working together. However, Sajwani did comment to FORBES on the nature of their business. He clearly stated that they were only in business partnership with Trump and that they would not in any way be involved with the country’s politics.


About Sajwani

Sajwani was born in the year 1956. He owns DAMAC, a premier real estate company based in Dubai. Sajwani studied and graduated from The University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. He Established DAMAC Group, a lavish real estate company, in the year 2002. This United Arabs Emirates based company was the very first real estate company, from Dubai, to be listed on the London’s Stock Exchange. DAMAC is known for their extravagant projects, in Dubai and beyond, including Park Towers, Ocean Heights, and most recently Akoya Oxygen which will contract the services of Trump Foundation for their Golf Course.


Other than DAMAC, Sajwani founded DICO Invest and Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG. He is also an investor, with companies such as Oman-based Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co SAOG benefitting from funding and mentorship from Sajwani.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Makes Use of His Broad Knowledge with Regard to Sleeping Disorders to Assist the Dental Professional and Physician in Properly Identifying Patients with a Sleeping Disorder

Sleep Apnea is a very destructive disorder and happens very insidiously. It is clear, now, to professionals within the medical community that the ill-effects of the disorder, going undiagnosed, can play havoc on the health of the sufferer. There is, too, a tie-in between the disorder and very crucial health problems, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. The complications mentioned, require a great sense of awareness, on the part of the public in general. There is help, though, in the treatment of the disorder: Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a very exceptional background in the treatment of the disorder, and has worked, tirelessly, in creating the best treatment plan available. Too: he has worked in assuring that the patient remains on the treatment prescribed by the physician or dentist.

Many times, the sufferer, because of the intimidation imposed by prior treatments, in the way of masks and mechanical sleeping devices, was just not comfortable in continuation of his treatment. Dr. Weisfogel, made it his aim in solving the preceding problem too. As a result, he developed a remedy wherein the client retention rate is extremely high—nearly one-hundred percent. The treatment is part of his program referred to as: Dental Sleep Masters.

He makes his sleep program available to dental professionals and physicians, in order that these medical practitioners may add an additional income stream to their respective practices. He helps these professionals to identify patients with the disorder; and trains them too how to integrate the program into their practice. Needless to say, the dental professional and physician, alike is doing a huge service for the community as a whole, by integrating the Dental Sleep Masters’ program into their respective practices. Too: the Dental Sleep Masters’ program is a true “win-win” for the practitioner and the sufferer of the disorder.

Profile Information with Regard to Dr. Avi Weisfogel:

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel has an extensive history in working toward the best treatment options as it pertains to that of sleep disorders. He established his first practice, as a Dentist, in 1999. The name of this practice was: Old Bridge Dental Care. He managed this office for well over fifteen years. He was applauded by the local community and provided with the title of “Best Dentist” for several years. It was during this interim period that Dr. Weisfogel started to explore information relative to sleeping patterns and other sleep-related issues. He found the subject of Sleep highly interesting. He thought about ways practitioners of the dental community and physicians could integrate a sleep lab or program into their existing practices. As a result of this investigation: he founded several companies which were relative to sleep disorders. He trained dentists and physicians, alike, how to incorporate sleep remedies into their current establishments. He founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 with the intent of further assisting dentists to break into the field of sleep disorder.

The remedy Dr. Weisfogel devised was that of an oral appliance which was much more user-friendly than traditional forms of treatment. Dr. Weisfogel, as owner of Dental Sleep Masters, uses his knowledge of Sleep Apnea, and makes use of this information in order to properly allow dental professionals to identify patients who have the disorder; and help them with a remedy. Dr. Weisfogel’s academic background consists of a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He acquired a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry.


How To Buy The Right Wine Variety

Making the right choice while buying wine is something that calls for the application of strict measures especially when you shop at places where there is no authorized suppler. There are many risks in buying from any supplier or shop that purports to offer quality wine. Get all the information about the product before you proceed to choose the brand. With the consumption of wine products increasing, companies offering these products have cropped up as well, most of them with the motivation to make a kill at the expense of offering value to users.

One of the companies that have built a name in this industry for offering great wine is UK Vintners, a British wine company that offers all types of wines. The company has been in the wine business for over one decade and all their products have been proved to be of high quality and made to offer users the ultimate joy of choosing uniqueness. While shopping, it is advisable to give a shot to such brands as they are among the best in the industry and those who have used the products have offered positive reviews.

UK Vintners believes in delivering to the needs of the customers and they have a system that checks quality before the product is released to the market for sale. It is one supplier you are sure cannot offer products that will not satisfy your needs. The company also protects its reputation a lot and ensures all the wine that is produced is made to offer better value for money. Accessing good wine is not so easy and this is why UK Vintners are working hard to ensure that more people get to enjoy the premium quality the company offers.

Don’t rush to buy because you saw great reviews on a site. Getting down to verify the facts is necessary as you would not want to spend on vintage wine only to get disappointed at the quality. Check to ensure the supplier is verified and reputable in the area. Complaints are a red flag and should alert you of bad quality ahead. Only rely on companies that have proved their worth by offering high quality products for a long time. That way, you will never have challenges coming across the right type of wine and you can also enjoy new varieties from reputable suppliers. Explore to feel the goodness of different brands and tastes.

David Oslo Continues to Innovate in the Financial Industry


David Osio is no stranger to the global financial market. He completed his law degree in 1988 and has worked in law, finance, and financial management and consultation ever since, with increasing success. Now, his financial group has a global presence, furthering its ability to provide customizable financial investment and asset management consultation around the world.


From his early leadership days in the banking industry, David Osio expanded into further financial and asset management consultation. In 1993 he founded the Davos Financial Group, of which he remains the CEO. In over two decades since the formation of the group, Davos Financial has grown from its Venezuelan base. The organization now has international offices in New York, Miami, Guam and other locations around the world to provide high-level asset management and property and investment advice to its clients.


Meanwhile, independent member companies of Davos Financial continue to make innovative changes to drive forward their specific fields. At Davos Real Estate Group (REG), the executive director has partnered with Tecknolution to create a new mobile app for its customers. Real estate clients can download the app – it’s available for both Android and iPhone devices – and then enter specific information about properties they are interested in. The app will help them analyze the property expenses in comparison with projected profit, to determine investment feasibility. It also helps analyze projection data about property values and rental amounts so users can assess affordability.


The app is the latest in a series of mobile add-ons that create a convenient, user-friendly experience for the real estate customers. Once a user identifies a property they are interested in, they can easily share it with their own Davos Real Estate agent, reducing transaction time and missed opportunities.


The new line of mobile apps is in keeping with the Davos Financial Group’s objectives to offer personalized client services in a high-quality, trustworthy manner. Though serving a select clientele, the group offers comprehensive financial services and consultation, under the direct leadership of David Oslo and his team. They specialize in asset and portfolio management, tax and succession planning and general banking services.

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